Here’s How Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Could Look In Disney’s Dragon Ball Movie

Dragon Ball Z

If you’re a fan of anime or manga, unfortunately you won’t find a whole lot in Hollywood to enjoy. There’s the mediocre Alita: Battle Angel, the colossal misfire that was Ghost in the Shell and the live-action adaptation of Akira which at this point, probably won’t ever happen. At least, not in our lifetime. But it seems that one of the most beloved anime and manga properties could be headed to the big screen soon, hoping to fill a void that’s been there in the cinematic landscape for far too long.

If you’ll recall, we told you earlier this year that a new Dragon Ball movie is being planned over at Disney (which has since been corroborated by trusted insider Daniel Richtman), and in case you’re about to tell us “but Hollywood already made a Dragon Ball movie before,” you’re right – but we refuse to acknowledge the existence of that train wreck.

Yes, the last attempt moved the action to America and didn’t really stick too closely to the show’s mythology. In fact, it barely even resembled the source material and again, was a complete disaster. This new effort, though, will feature a completely Asian cast and will stick much closer to the anime and manga version of the story. And while it’s still too early to say who’ll end up starring in it (though we have heard a few names), digital artist BossLogic took to Twitter recently to show us how Dragon Ball‘s Vegeta and Nappa could look in live-action if Disney cast Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart as the characters.

Of course, this wouldn’t ever happen, but it’s fun to think about and there’s no denying that Johnson and Hart are two of the most enjoyable talents out there, as it’s always an entertaining experience when the duo share the screen. Which they’re doing right now actually in Jumanji: The Next Level.

But we digress. With things starting to take shape on this much-discussed live-action Dragon Ball film, we’ll hopefully receive some firm updates on it in the new year. After all, as one of the most popular animated series in history, we imagine it won’t be gone from the big screen for too much longer, especially since the fans are crying out for a new movie and have been for some time.