Dwayne Johnson Offers His Thoughts On Fan Response To Black Adam Footage

black adam

Dwayne Johnson uses his massive reach on social media to give fans an insight into his life and career, as well as the myriad of projects that he always seems to have on the go. Up until the debut of the first footage from Black Adam at DC FanDome, almost everything we knew about the superhero epic came directly from the leading man.

True to form, it was Johnson who introduced the sizzle reel at the virtual event, and it would be an understatement to say that fans went wild after finally getting their first glimpse at the titular antihero in action, where he handily dissolved a dude into dust just for waking him up.

In a recent chat with Variety at the red carpet premiere of Netflix blockbuster Red Notice, Johnson was enthusiastic about the way fans reacted to Black Adam, before teasing that there’s much more to come.

“I can tell you about Black Adam that we made a great movie and a little bit of footage that we did show in that tease… Fans went f*cking crazy! F*cking nuts! It was just so cool to see. I also think it’s an exciting time at DC with Seven Bucks, Walter Hamada, and for what we plan on doing in the world of DC. It’s an exciting time, so you can feel it, and it’s good.”

As the self-proclaimed hardest worker in the room, Johnson will have pulled out all of the stops to ensure that Black Adam lives up to the steadily-rising expectations, especially when he’d spent the better part of fifteen years attached to the role before cameras even started rolling. Now that our appetites have been whetted, the wait is now on for a full-length trailer to arrive.