Dwayne Johnson Shares NSFW Reaction To Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vagina Candle


Self-expression can take many forms. Dwayne Johnson, for example, was recently confirmed to be working on a TV comedy series inspired by his early life. Gwyneth Paltrow, on the other hand, has just released a candle via her own Goop company that supposedly smells like the Marvel actress’ vagina.

Naturally, news of the latest Goop product spread quickly across social media, and it wasn’t long before The Rock himself decided to get in on the joke. The Hobbs & Shaw star was first brought into the conversation by comedian Adam Ray, who suggested via Instagram that the pro wrestler turned actor should start selling candles that smell like his balls. In the replies to Ray’s post, you’ll find the following response from Johnson:

“Brother I tried to make those candles but I kept burning my balls. So I moved on to shampoo.”

While Paltrow’s vagina-scented candle has been the subject of much online ridicule these past few days, it must be said that Goop seems to be doing pretty well off all the attention, having sold out the eccentric new product within hours of it going on the market.

What’s more, this ongoing wave of discussion will no doubt boost interest in Gwyneth Paltrow’s upcoming documentary series about her controversial company. Boasting an eye-catching poster that very much ties into the brand’s vaginal motif, The Goop Lab is scheduled to hit Netflix on January 24th.

As for Johnson, though we somehow doubt that his scented shampoo idea will ever get off the ground, the Fast and Furious regular has several projects on the way, including Disney’s Jungle Cruise, which arrives in theaters on July 24th.