Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Really Wants Henry Cavill In Black Adam

Black Adam

As the biggest movie star on the planet, Dwayne Johnson has almost complete creative freedom to do whatever he wants, and for the last few years at least, that’s been appearing almost exclusively in big budget effects-driven blockbusters. While there’s no shame in sticking to what you’re good at and giving the people what they enjoy, many of his fans would like to see him try something different for a change.

The 48 year-old currently has Red Notice and Jungle Cruise in the can and awaiting release, with Jumanji and Hobbs & Shaw sequels also in early development, not to mention Netflix’s graphic novel adaptation Ball and Chain opposite Emily Blunt, all of which are unsurprisingly big budget effects-driven blockbusters. Black Adam also fits that remit, with filming finally set to start next month fifteen years after he attached himself to the title role, and it’s undeniably exciting to have The Rock venturing into superhero territory.

While his established persona increases the likelihood that Jaume Collet-Serra’s cosmic epic could end up sanding down some of the title character’s harder edges, it’s clear that the leading man views Black Adam as something of a passion project, and he’ll be pulling out all of the stops to deliver for both himself and the fans.

On that note, as you may know, Johnson’s business partner and Seven Bucks co-founder Dany Garcia happens to be Henry Cavill’s manager, which presents the ideal scenario for the DCEU’s Superman to make his first appearance in the franchise since he suited up mustache and all for Joss Whedon’s Justice League reshoots. The Witcher star is still under contract and audiences would love to see him back on screen, and tipster Mikey Sutton is now claiming that Johnson really wants him for a role in Black Adam. That’s no guarantee that it’ll happen, of course, but what the man wants, he typically tends to get.