Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Wants To Lead The DCEU

Dwayne Johnson

Not every major movie franchise needs to have a singular character that dominates the proceedings above everyone else, with Star Wars probably the most prominent example, with various members of the Skywalker, Solo and latterly Palpatine clans having shared the burden. However, insider Daniel Richtman is now offering that Dwayne Johnson wants his Black Adam to become the DCEU’s main man.

That’s about the extent of the information made available, so there’s no additional details as to why the actor has decided to shoulder the responsibility of leading a shared universe that’s in a constant state of upheaval, how he’s planning to establish himself as the mythology’s biggest asset, or even what “leading” the DCEU could possibly entail.

We already know that he’s branched out by producing Shazam! and its sequel Fury of the Gods through his Seven Bucks banner, but that’s sort of to be expected when Zachary Levi’s superhero is the arch-enemy of Johnson’s Black Adam. There’s also been talk of The Rock swooping in to save the SnyderVerse that hasn’t been corroborated as of yet, and this is far from the first time we’ve heard he could be pushed to the forefront of the entire DCEU, which is again to be expected given that he’s the biggest movie star on the planet.

The lack of specifics means it’s unclear when this is supposed to happen, but Black Adam has just entered its final week of shooting, so by the time the cosmic comic book adaptation blasts into theaters next summer, we may have a much better and clearer idea of Dwayne Johnson‘s ongoing status and responsibilities as an integral part of Warner Bros. and DC Films’ interconnected franchise for the foreseeable future.