Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Looking For New Video Game Movie Role

Hobbs & Shaw Dwayne Johnson

He might not have much time to lounge around and play anymore given that he’s one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, but Dwayne Johnson has been a fan of video games for over 40 years dating back to a childhood spent hanging out in arcades.

As well as his countless appearances in WWE-related console releases, Johnson also portrayed the main character in 2006’s Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run and recently partnered up with Xbox to launch his new ZOA energy drink with a sponsored giveaway. There’s been talk of a potential Fortnite skin being created in his image as well, while a lot of players believe he’s hiding in plain sight as Season 6’s The Foundation. However, his experience in bringing video games to the big screen has been mixed, even if we ignore the successful Jumanji reboots that aren’t based on a pre-existing title, but use a dusty old cartridge as the main plot device anyway.

2005’s Doom flopped at the box office, found itself panned by critics and is memorable only for a brief first-person shooter sequence that was the sole highlight of the film. On the other side of the coin, meanwhile, Rampage delivered exactly what you’d expect from a movie that revolves around The Rock fighting gigantic monsters, and it became the third highest-grossing entry in the genre’s history while attaining its fifth-highest ever Rotten Tomatoes score for good measure.

It seems the actor’s interested in diving back into the arena, too, as we’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Enola Holmes 2 was in the works well before Netflix confirmed it – that Dwayne Johnson is actively looking for a new video game property to adapt. There’s no word yet on which one he’s got his eye on, but the genre is in the midst of a resurgence, so it’ll no doubt be a big one tailored to suit his action hero persona.