Netflix Reportedly Already Developing Enola Holmes Sequel

Enola Holmes

Netflix have made it abundantly clear that they’re actively in the market for a major fantasy-orientated franchise that can give them an in-house brand to compete with the likes of Star Wars and Harry Potter, but until they find it they’ll have to make do with sequels on a much smaller scale.

Not that they’re lacking in that department, though, with the majority of their original blockbusters that have been released in recent months drawing in huge viewing figures and generating enough buzz that follow-ups seem more than likely. 6 Underground, Extraction, The Old Guard and Project Power all have the potential to launch a multi-film series, while director Peter Berg confirmed that a Spenser Confidential sequel is definitely happening and the streaming service are also re-teaming with Charlize Theron for Atomic Blonde 2.

The majority of those titles are cut from the same action-orientated cloth, but we’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones that told us Extraction 2 was in the works before it was officially confirmed – that Netflix are already working on developing a sequel to Enola Holmes, which doesn’t even arrive for another two weeks.

According to our intel, the streaming site feels like their all ages original output is somewhat lacking, and with Enola Holmes currently holding an impressive 88% score on Rotten Tomatoes, they see the family-friendly mystery adventure as the ideal candidate to mine for further installments.

That makes perfect sense, too. After all, the budget surely hasn’t broken the bank in comparison to their costlier efforts, and if the pic proves to be as popular as the company are hoping it’ll be, and the viewing figures match the critical consensus when it hits our screens, then Netflix’s portfolio of original franchises will expand even further as Millie Bobby Brown’s title character emulates her more famous brother by taking center stage.