Dwayne Johnson reveals how ‘Black Adam’ begins

black adam

When it comes to the superhero genre, the opening scene is key to getting audiences hooked, especially if the movie in question revolves around a character that audiences haven’t met before.

While Black Adam gets a huge amount of leeway by virtue of the fact that it stars Dwayne Johnson in the title role, arguably the most popular and definitely the highest-paid actor in the business, casual audiences that may be skeptical of the DCEU will be relying on The Rock’s presence to convince them that the film is worth their time and money.

We’ve been hearing the star and producer talk up how Black Adam is set to break the mold, change the hierarchy of power, and subvert our expectations at every turn, and it sounds as though it’s set to happen from the very first scene. Speaking to Total Film, Johnson teased that the fantasy epic opens with the titular antihero battling an entire army single-handedly, before things really take off.

“What happens after that is f*cking incredible. You establish who this man is, his power, and him being unstoppable.”

The DC FanDome sizzle reel whetted our appetites for Black Adam, but not nearly enough. A full-length trailer is expected to arrive with The Batman, but it’d be great if we saw it before then. The finished product is only seven months away from coming to theaters, not that Johnson needs any help selling his latest effort to the masses.