Early ‘Morbius’ reactions are pretty much what you’re expecting

morbius director daniel espinosa wont confirm or deny
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This might sound a little harsh, but fans would probably be a lot more surprised at this stage were upcoming comic book blockbuster Morbius to find itself drenched in critical acclaim and riding a wave of hugely positive buzz.

Fans have been skeptical about the project since the very beginning, and none of the various trailers or TV spots have done much to change that perception. At best, Morbius looks like a perfectly acceptable and undemanding slice of big budget escapism, and that’s putting it lightly based on the online doomsaying that’s been ongoing for close to two years.

The marketing has inevitably been slapped with plenty of Spider-Man and Venom references in order to convince casual audiences that Jared Leto’s debut as the Living Vampire will be worth their time, but even the leading man half-jokingly revealed that he’s got an excuse ready should Morbius flop when it finally premieres on April 1.

In a discouraging-yet-expected development, GWW editor Brandon Matthews claims that he hasn’t been hearing great things regarding Morbius, with press screenings recently being held ahead of the review embargo being lifted.

While that’s far from being an official confirmation on the merits of Morbius, we can’t say it isn’t what we were expecting. Hopefully, the supernatural superhero adventure defies expectations and delivers a fun-filled adventure, because Sony’s Spider-Man Universe can’t rely on Toms Holland and Hardy forever

On the plus side, at least Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web will be along in the not too distant future should the worst case scenario unfold.

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