Critics Confirm Whether Or Not Spider-Man Appears In Venom


If you’ve seen the first social media reactions to the upcoming Venom movie then you’ll know that things have got off to a shaky start for Eddie Brock’s first solo flick, with many an early viewer finding little reason to recommend the trip to the cinema.

Among the most scathing of reports came from Twitter user Daniel R, a writer and frequent tipster whom we’re pretty sure isn’t just a hyper-competitive Lady Gaga fan. But amidst a tirade that compares the new Venom to such infamous cinematic outings as Catwoman and Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, Daniel also lays a topic of ongoing speculation to rest.

When a fellow Twitter user asked him if he can confirm once and for all that Venom’s old foe Spider-Man doesn’t get so much as a mention in the film, Daniel responded with a simple “Yes.”

For anyone keeping track of the lead-up to Ruben Fleischer’s latest directorial work, this should hardly come as a huge surprise. While there was a rumor circulating earlier this year that Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland could be making a cameo, the Venom team has been quick to stress that the Eddie Brock and his symbiote other half don’t need Spidey around to be interesting. What’s more, as star Tom Hardy eluded to recently, Venom is intended to be the first building block in its own cinematic universe, which presumably makes any connection to the MCU a second priority.

At the same time, Fleischer has suggested that he’d be more than happy to see a showdown between Eddie and Peter Parker in a future movie, though if the early response to this first film is anything to go by, there might not be a lot of fans clamoring to see this version of Venom share the screen with Holland’s wall-crawler.

In any case, you can decide for yourself how Eddie fares in his first starring role when Venom hits theaters on October 5th.

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