Will Ed Harris And Matthew Fox Fight In World War Z?

Two very respectable actors are currently in talks for roles in the upcoming film World War Z. While the movie was almost scrapped at one point, the Marc Foster helmed adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel currently has its eye on two talented individuals. Deadline tells us that Matthew Fox and Ed Harris are both in talks for roles in the film and if they were to join, they’d star alongside Brad Pitt, James Badge Dale and Mirielle Enos. Their roles are currently unspecified but expect to hear more soon.

Ed Harris is a fantastic and always reliable actor, so I have no issue with him joining and am actually really hoping he does. What has me more excited though is Matthew Fox and his possible involvement with the film. After having starred on LOST for so long, it’s time for him to start making a bigger move into the film world. He’s had a few roles here and there but nothing major yet. He’ll be starring in I, Alex Cross and another high profile picture like World War Z would be great for his resume.

If these two join, they’d be part of an already fantastic cast. With Marc Foster behind the camera, and great source material acting as the inspiration, this is definitely a film I want to see and a film that I think is going to turn out very well, despite all the production troubles it has had.

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