Electrifying New Trailer For Andron Whisks Alec Baldwin Off To The Year 2154


Alec Baldwin is the one pulling the strings as a futuristic puppet master in the first clip for Andron – The Black Labyrinth, Francesco Cinquemani’s nutty new sci-fi that’s set for a simultaneous release across VOD and select theaters on June 3.

Arriving to us by way of The Wrap, the snippet introduces moviegoers to Baldwin as the merciless games master, thrusting a group of young adults into a dark and dingy maze with little hope of escape. Evoking the dystopian themes synonymous with tentpole franchises such as The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner, Andron is a much more low-key affair, favoring claustrophobic thrills and spills over lavish CG set-pieces.

Andron is the name of the maze, and outfoxing Baldwin’s power-mongering trickster looks to be the game, with the movie’s official logline revealing that the YA cast “have no idea how they got there to begin with, and soon find themselves deciphering codes in order to beat the tests put before them in the bizarre, scary environment.”

Also starring Danny Glover and Michelle Ryan of Covert Affairs, expect Andron to whisk moviegoers long into the future – and The Black Labyrinth – when Cinquemani’s genre mash-up hits select theaters and VOD on June 3.

Source: The Wrap

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