Elektra Rumored To Return In MCU Daredevil Reboot, Likely To Be Recast


Jennifer Garner recently admitted that she wished her version of Elektra had been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and to be honest, so do we. The actress did the best she could with an underdeveloped character and terrible script in Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, more than acquitting herself as a badass thanks to the action chops she’d honed on J.J. Abrams’ hit show Alias, but her solo spinoff was awful.

It was panned by critics, tanked at the box office and is widely believed to have set Garner’s entire career back by years, so you can understand why she reflects on her time as Elektra with some regrets. Elodie Young stepped in as Ms. Natchios for Netflix’s small screen shared universe, and while she was perfectly fine in the role, she didn’t bring much depth or personality to the part.


Where Daredevil goes, though, you can guarantee that Elektra won’t be too far behind, with tipster Mikey Sutton now claiming that she’ll be joining the Man Without Fear when he’s eventually rebooted and dropped into the MCU. Of course, this all seems a bit obvious given the intrinsic connection between the two comic book favorites on both the page and screen that dates back decades, but Sutton does say that the role will likely be recast despite Marvel’s apparent desire to retain the services of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock.

If Marvel Studios really want to rock the boat and get people talking, then maybe they should talk to Zack Snyder. The man who built the DCEU revealed that he’d happily pitch up across town if it meant he was given the chance to direct Elektra Lives Again, and it would certainly generate plenty of buzz.