Elizabeth Olsen May Return As Scarlet Witch In [SPOILERS]


Elizabeth Olsen has risen up to become one of the biggest stars in the MCU. Far from her beginnings as a supporting player in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Olsen just got her own phenomenally popular TV show in the form of WandaVision, which finally saw Wanda Maximoff properly become the Scarlet Witch. We know she’ll next be seen in March 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but what about after that?

Well, We Got This Covered has heard that she may end up appearing in Captain America 4. This comes from the same trusted sources who told us that the Anthony Mackie vehicle was happening in the first place, long before it was announced. According to our intel, Marvel wants to get the actress on board the movie, though we’re told that it’s not yet set in stone and is just something they’re considering doing at this point.

From what little we know about the film, Scarlet Witch seems like a strange fit for CA4, seeing as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was so much more grounded than Wanda’s supernatural corner of the MCU. Not to mention that there are already so many superheroes thought to appear in Mackie’s pic – including a handful of other Captain Americas. Still, this is the Marvel universe, where everyone and everything can cross over in unexpected ways.

Based on a script from Falcon writers Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson, Cap 4 is expected to pick up many of the same threads from the hit Disney Plus series, including a lot of its characters and its sociopolitical themes. Sam Wilson and Scarlet Witch haven’t had a lot of interaction in the franchise so far, if any, but given Olsen and Mackie’s recent internet-crashing reunion at the MTV Awards, there’s definitely potential there for an unlikely but entertaining team-up.