Captain America 4 Reportedly Features At Least 4 Caps

Captain America 4

Anthony Mackie admitted that he’d be down to see Chris Evans return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Steve Rogers, but it shouldn’t happen in Captain America 4. Sam Wilson has only just assumed the mantle and needs time to settle into the role, and the worst possible outcome for his first solo outing would be to bring the original vintage back into the fold, which would only serve to steal the spotlight away from the franchise’s new resident star-spangled superhero.

However, insider Daniel Richtman has gone several steps further than that by claiming that Mackie’s first time taking top billing in an MCU movie will feature at least four Captain Americas, and that doesn’t even include Evans. As per the tipster, there’s obviously going to be Sam Wilson and Wyatt Russell’s John Walker, although the latter has already been rebranded as U.S. Agent, while Richtman also names Elijah Bradley along with a miscellaneous and unspecified female Cap.

Admittedly, Elijah is known as Patriot in the Marvel universe, so referring to him as another Captain America could be a bit of a stretch, but presumably Richtman is doing so since the character is indeed similar to Cap in regards to his costume, powers, etc.

As for a female Cap, well, we’ve already seen it in the Marvel back catalogue, but it would be a very bizarre creative decision on the studio’s part to spend the entirety of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier building Sam up as the new Captain America, only to cut his momentum off at the knees by the time his first standalone blockbuster arrives due to introducing multiple versions of the same character into the mix.