Marvel Wants A Female Captain America In The MCU

chris evans captain america

With Steve Rogers now gone, the Marvel universe needs a new Captain AmericaAvengers: Endgame led us to believe that this was to be Sam Wilson, but we’re hearing the situation’s not as straightforward as we thought. Apparently, the MCU might be home to multiple Captain Americas in the near future.

Yesterday, we brought you the news that Marvel is planning on having a diverse range of different Caps running around the franchise. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there’ll be numerous heroes all going by the same alias, though, as we’ve heard that the Young Avengers’ Patriot is being counted as one of these Captain Americas. Along with Sam Wilson, Eli Bradley will make two black Cap-related characters in the MCU.

Something else we’ve heard from our sources though – the same ones who told us Marvel was developing a She-Hulk show, and that an Aladdin sequel was in the works, both of which were later confirmed – is that the studio wants a female Cap as well. As we know, this idea will first be played with in the upcoming What If..? animated series, in which Peggy Carter will be portrayed as the one to take the super-soldier serum in another reality. You might think that Hayley Atwell could crossover to live-action as Captain Britain, then, but apparently, that’s not the plan.

We’ve been informed that Sharon Carter’s actually the most likely suspect for the MCU’s female Captain America. Sharon AKA Agent 13 has never had any superpowers or any claim to the Cap mantle in the comics, but Marvel Studios have always done their own thing anyway and we already know that we’ll next see Emily VanCamp as the character in Disney Plus’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

This will be the first time she’s turned up since 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, as Sharon didn’t even take part in the big battle at the conclusion of Endgame. VanCamp has teased that Agent 13 has been on the run all this time, due to her part in helping Team Cap escape custody, but it sounds like when she does return, she’ll make a big impact on the MCU.