Elizabeth Olsen Says Scarlet Witch Could’ve Stopped Thanos In Avengers: Endgame


One in a sea of memorable moments from Avengers: Endgame‘s grand third act occurs when Scarlet Witch intercepts Thanos on the battlefield and lays into the villain as revenge for what he did to Vision in the previous movie. Wanda nearly gets the better of the Mad Titan, too, until he “rains fire,” sacrificing some of his troops to distract her.

This has led to a lot of fan discussion about if Thanos hadn’t “cheated,” would Wanda have won out in the end? Actress Elizabeth Olsen definitely seems to think so. IMDb asked the Scarlet Witch star at D23 if her character could’ve defeated Thanos. Though she made her point in a light-hearted way, Olsen’s clearly on Team Wanda.

“Yeah, he brought out the big guns he didn’t even mean to bring out. I was getting him good,” she said. “Hello, someone was angry, and had somethin’ to say about it. And it was this one right here,” she added, indicating herself.

Of course, Olsen’s not the only one involved in Endgame who thinks she would have beaten Thanos. The Russo brothers believe she could’ve done so as well, as does Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. The Mad Titan has defeated Asgardian Gods, Green Goliaths and Sorcerers Supreme, but Scarlet Witch, fueled by her grief over Vision’s death, almost proved to be his undoing.

This reminds us just how much Wanda’s powers are growing. And we’re about to see her abilities evolve even more in WandaVisionThe upcoming Disney Plus series looks to be set in some kind of fake reality that Wanda creates in which she and a resurrected Vision are living a perfect life pulled straight from a 50s sitcom. But this dream can’t last forever.

Soon after that, Wanda will then accompany Stephen Strange in a cross-dimensional road trip for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessIt’s fully expected that she’s going to have a House of M-style meltdown in one of these productions, too, and it may all tie back into the moment when Scarlet Witch really let go of her powers in Avengers: Endgame