Ellen DeGeneres Gears Up For A Maritime Adventure In New Finding Dory Trailer


Surfacing from the deep more than a decade after Pixar’s rip-roaring adventure involving a wayward Nemo, we’re now little under a month out from the arrival of Andrew Stanton’s animated sequel Finding Dory.

Much like any follow-up that enters development years after its predecessor, Stanton’s underwater tale of friends, flaws and family was met with its fair share of criticisms upon being announced, but one visually stunning trailer after another has gradually turned the tide in Finding Dory‘s favor.

And so, building on that momentum today is the latest trailer for Pixar’s summer romp, which arrives by way of The Ellen Show. Indeed, it is Ellen DeGeneres that takes point as the loveable Dory, who ignites a burning desire to reunite with her lost parents when learning the ins and outs of underwater migration.

It’s a deeply personal quest that will have our forgetful protagonist encounter all manner of aquatic life – allowing Pixar to really flex its visual flair – and in particular the inhabitants of California Marine Biology Institute, a sanctuary for sea life that introduces Dory to Ed O’Neill’s world-weary octopus, Hank.

O’Neill and DeGeneres are just two of the big names headlining the Finding Dory voice cast, which also makes room for Albert Brooks, Diane Keaton, Willem Dafoe, Dominic West, Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burrell, Eugene Levy, Idris Elba and Michael Sheen in an undisclosed role.

Finding Dory makes a dart for theaters on June 17.