Ellen Page In The Dark Knight Rises – Fact Or Fiction?

Earlier today, a photograph exploded onto the internet of what appeared to be Ellen Page‘s trailer near The Dark Knight Rises set, with the name “B. Gordon” written under it in quotation marks. This made Batman fans a-flutter with the idea that Ellen Page could secretly be playing Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman), who later becomes Batgirl.

It makes sense, right? It wouldn’t be Page’s first Christopher Nolan film, and with the recent development that The Dark Knight Rises takes place eight years after The Dark Knight, her age would be appropriately fitting. Lastly, CBM found a video in which Nolan is asked about whether or not Gordon’s daughter’s name is Barbara in the film, and the director doesn’t answer with a definitive “yes” or “no.”

A few websites attempted to de-bunk the rumor later in the day, including Batman News, who says that the photo is fake, but that certainly doesn’t prove anything. Even if the photo is fake, if Christopher Nolan was going to put Barbara Gordon in his films, it makes sense that he would choose Ellen Page.

I’m torn on the subject; until there’s official word on one side or the other, I think it’s difficult to decide whether this is fact or fiction. Check out the photo below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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