Ellen Page Inks Deal To Headline Zombie Thriller The Third Wave

Ellen Page

Days of Future Past alum Ellen Page has inked a deal to topline upcoming zombie thriller The Third Wave, starring opposite up-and-comer Sam Keeley (In the Heart of the Sea).

Not to be confused by The 5th Wave, David Freyne is the filmmaker behind the lens and will direct from his own script, chronicling a devastating pandemic that resulted in humans mutating into strange, zombie-like monsters. Now, before writing off Freyne’s directorial debut as a run-of-the-mill apocalyptic zombie thriller, there’s a twist; The Third Wave will largely take place years after the fact, exploring a planet in the early stages of recovery and, specifically, the humans that were once affected by the raging virus strand.

Here’s a synopsis:

For six years, Europe was plagued by a devastating virus that transformed humans into zombie-like monsters. As mankind struggled to control the pandemic, the great hope of a cure was found. As the veil of darkness lifts, an unforeseen enemy surfaces in its wake: the past. The cured are haunted with the memories of their actions while infected.

The dream of reintegration has failed with a two-tiered society emerging. Many cured are shunned by their remaining families, while others hold a deep bitterness over the controls placed on them. Mixed feelings of fear, guilt and anger, as well as the government’s decision to eliminate ‘the resistant’ leads to the rise of a terrorist movement— plunging the country into chaos again…The Cure is just the Beginning.

The Irish Film Board and Bac Films are lending financial support to The Third Wave, with Rachael O’Kane and Rory Dungan producing alongside Page herself.

The Third Wave is currently without a release date, though production is expected to set up shop in Ireland later this year. Beyond that, Ellen Page has a stacked schedule lying ahead, with roles in Into the Forest, Lioness and the Flatliners reboot all on the horizon.