Emilia Clarke Draws A Voice From The Stone In Haunting First Trailer

Last time Emilia Clarke got a break from fantasy and fire-spewing dragons, the actress headlined Me Before You, an admittedly soppy romantic drama in which she played Louisa Clark, a working-class carer who simply radiated happiness and infectious joy. Fast forward a year and change and the Game of Thrones stalwart is about to topline a very different drama known as Voice From the Stone.

Pitched as a “Hitchcockian fairy tale,” USA Today has today unearthed the first trailer of Eric Howell’s ghostly period drama in action. Clarke is on board as Verena, a nurse who agrees to care for young, ailing boy called Jakob, who’s left devastated following the sudden death of his mother. As Voice From the Stone unfolds, though, Jakob’s erratic behavior is enough to send shivers down the spine, after he swears blind that his mother is communicating with him through the castle walls. Verena attempts to flee for the Tuscany hills, but her love for Jakob, not to mention the romantic relationship between her and his father Klaus (Marton Csokas), slowly draws her back in.

In tandem with the trailer reveal, Clarke told USA Today that the eerie castle, what with its dimly-lit corridors and serpentine staircases, is just as much of a character as the rest of the cast.

“[The atmosphere of the house is] mixed in with all of the loneliness she has felt in her life as a nurse who is always moving from one family to another,” Clarke told USA Today about her character. “It seems that happiness is only a family away.”

Voice From the Stone opens via select theaters and VOD on April 28th. Looking further afield, it won’t be too much longer before Emilia Clarke ventures back to Westeros for Game of Thrones season 7, which recently locked down a July 16th premiere date.

Set in 1950s Tuscany, Voice from the Stone is the haunting story of Verena, a solemn nurse drawn to aid a young boy named Jakob who has fallen silent since the sudden passing of his mother. Living with his father in a massive stone manor in Tuscany, Jakob not only refuses to speak, he seems to be under the spell of a malevolent force trapped within the stone walls. As Verena’s relationship with the captivating father and enigmatic son grow, she becomes ensnared and consumed by an austere force. If she is to save the boy, and free herself, she must face the phantom hidden inside the stone.