Emily Blunt Says Superhero Movies Aren’t Really For Her

Emily Blunt

From almost the second Marvel Studios first reacquired the rights to the Fantastic Four after Disney purchased Fox, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have been fan favorites to play Reed Richards and Susan Storm, and it’s getting to the stage where a lot of people would be disappointed if they weren’t cast in Jon Watts’ upcoming reboot.

Looking at the facts, there’s every chance it could happen. After all, A Quiet Place showed that the husband and wife duo are hardly against the idea of sharing the screen together, while Krasinski has been open in admitting that the Fantastic Four conversation is definitely one he’d love to have with Kevin Feige.

Not only that, but Marvel have made more than one play for Blunt in the past, but she was forced to turn down the roles of Iron Man 2‘s Natasha Romanoff and Captain America: The First Avenger‘s Peggy Carter due to scheduling conflicts, while she was rumored to be on the shortlist for Captain Marvel long before Brie Larson eventually accepted the role at the third time of asking.

However, in a new interview to promote the impending release of A Quiet Place Part II, Blunt discussed the constant Fantastic Four speculation and revealed that superhero movies aren’t really her thing, despite how close she came to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the past.

“It’s not that it’s beneath me. I love Iron Man and when I got offered Black Widow. I was obsessed with Iron Man. I wanted to work with Robert Downey Jr., it would’ve been amazing. But I don’t know if superhero movies are for me. They’re not up my alley. I don’t like them. I really don’t. It’s been exhausted. We are inundated, it’s not only all the movies, it’s the endless TV shows as well. It’s not to say that I’d never want to play one, it would just have to be something so cool and like a really cool character, and then I’d be interested.”

While she’s hardly ruling herself out of the running, it certainly sounds as though the Fantastic Four reboot will need a unique and exciting pitch to convince Blunt to sign on, which is of course dependent on whether or not she’ll even be approached for the project in the first place.