Emily Blunt Rumored To Be In Talks For MCU Role

Emily Blunt

Based on the online discourse, there are going to be a lot of unhappy Marvel Cinematic Universe fans if John Krasinski and Emily Blunt don’t end up being cast as Reed Richards and Sue Storm in Jon Watts’ Fantastic Four reboot. After all, from almost the second the rights to the characters reverted back to Kevin Feige and his team when Disney purchased Fox, the husband and wife duo have been the clear favorites for the respective roles.

Krasinski has admitted in the past that he’d love to board the MCU, but Blunt has so far refused to be drawn into the speculation. Tenet star John David Washington has also been strongly linked with Mr. Fantastic, but a lot of fans are unable to envisage anyone other than The Office alum leading Marvel’s First Family in their fifth live-action outing, and hopefully the first one that’ll actually be good.

A new rumor is now claiming that Blunt has entered active talks with the studio to play an unnamed hero, although no further details are given. Of course, this isn’t the first, second, third or even fourth time we’ve heard something similar over the last couple of years, and none of those previous reports ending up coming to fruition. However, now that the MCU’s Fantastic Four is officially in active development, things will be starting to gather pace behind the scenes.

The actress has come close to joining the franchise on several occasions in the past, of course, having been forced to turn down the roles of both Natasha Romanoff and Peggy Carter due to scheduling conflicts, while she was one of the first names mentioned in conjunction with Captain Marvel long before Brie Larson was ultimately chosen. As such, her time might well come yet.