John Krasinski And Emily Blunt Rumored To Be In Talks For Fantastic Four Reboot

Fantastic Four
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Tenet star John David Washington may have recently thrown his hat into the ring, and the actor would no doubt be a solid choice for the role having proven himself capable of headlining an effects-driven blockbuster while delivering a commanding performance in the process, but fans would still much rather see John Krasinski as the Fantastic Four‘s Reed Richards.

In fact, the actor has been the number one choice in many circles for so long that if somebody else gets cast as Mr. Fantastic and there’s no suitable explanation given as to why, there will no doubt be a huge wave of backlash online, because we all know what happens when people on the internet don’t get what they want. For what it’s worth, Krasinski has admitted several times in the past that he’d jump at the opportunity to join the MCU, and his upcoming schedule is relatively clear right now.

Of course, there’s been constant talk of the 41 year-old’s wife Emily Blunt joining him as Sue Storm as well, and A Quiet Place showed that the couple aren’t against the idea of collaborating in a professional capacity. It would also bring things full circle for both of them if they were to join the MCU, after Krasinski missed out on Captain America a decade ago and scheduling conflicts forced Blunt to turn down the role of Black Widow.

Now, the latest report on the reboot is claiming that both stars are currently in active talks with Marvel, which is something we’ve heard several times in the past without any official confirmation. Obviously, the Fantastic Four‘s MCU debut is still a few years away yet, meaning the casting process is nowhere near being finalized, but it can’t be denied that Krasinski and Blunt would be great picks for the roles and bringing them on board would make fans very happy.

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