Here’s How Emma Stone Could Look As The DCEU’s Batgirl


We haven’t heard about the DCEU’s planned Batgirl movie for a while now, but that hasn’t stopped the folks on the internet from speculating as to who might play the character on the big screen.

While WB has all but confirmed on several occasions that there’s a movie in the works centering around Barbara Gordon, the company has been busy with other projects up to now. Still, the fans have taken the initiative, as they often do, and suggested a lot of viable actresses who could portray the character. From Star Wars‘ Daisy Ridley to the MCU’s Karen Gillan, we’ve seen numerous A-listers in costume thanks to the magic of fan art. The fact that the latter is also keen on playing the character makes the hearsay all the more interesting, though some reports have also suggested that the studio is eyeing Ridley.

But you know who’s another talented actress with experience playing in a superhero franchise who’d be the perfect choice for Barbara? Emma Stone, and an artist on Instagram recently released some new artwork featuring her in Batgirl’s bulkier black armor. As you can see below, this is the costume that the character used to wear in the past as opposed to the purple jacket in her recent stories.

Come to think of it, Stone is actually a brilliant choice for the role. Other than playing in The Amazing Spider-Man, the Academy Award-winning actress has somehow managed to elude the superhero business for quite a while now, which is why this would be the golden opportunity to get back in the game.

Of course, it’s safe to say that Batgirl is still ways off, but that hasn’t stopped the people attached to the project from teasing fans, so let’s hope that we’ll get to learn more in the near future.