‘Encanto’ draws comparisons to the MCU’s most infamous project


If you were to name the one Marvel Cinematic Universe project that existed in infamy rather than acclaim above all others, then it’s hard to look past the disastrous Inhumans.

The feature film version holds the unwanted distinction of being the only movie ever announced by Marvel Studios that was given a release date but never ended up getting made, while the TV show was canceled before its eight-episode first season had even ended due to poor ratings and even worse reviews.

The mere mention of Inhumans is enough to send a shiver down the spine of many an MCU fan, but the intergalactic superheroes have been trending on Twitter after Disney’s Encanto drew plenty of comparisons to both the reviled series and abandoned blockbuster.

On a very superficial level, some of the similarities can’t be denied. Swap Colombia for the MCU, replace an enchanted candle with Terrigen and you’ve got roughly the same setup, even if you couldn’t paint them in broader strokes.

Encanto became the highest-grossing animation of the pandemic and landed a 91% Rotten Tomatoes score, while Inhumans only lives on as a punchline, so the stark differences vastly outnumber the methods fans are using to try and draw parallels between the two.