The End Is Nigh In This Stylish Poster For Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


Milla Jovovich’s Alice gears up for her long-anticipated curtain call in the stylish new one-sheet for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Paul WS Anderson’s lavish action sequel that stands as the sixth and final entry into Sony and Screen Gems’ long-running franchise.

Ditching the super slick, futuristic aesthetic that bled into both Afterlife and 2012’s Retribution, The Final Chapter is out to recapture the bleak apocalyptic look of Resident Evil: Extinction, and the gritty poster below really embodies that change in tone. Fans of Fox’s Gotham series will no doubt be able to locate a handful of similarities between the one-sheet and the key art for Rise of the Villains – the positioning of the characters, the framing, you name it – but more than anything else, today’s promo signals a return to Raccoon City.


It’s essentially ground zero for the Resident Evil franchise, home to both the Umbrella Corporation and the deadly T-virus that brought humanity to its knees all those years ago. Now, Alice will be circling back to Raccoon City to tear down Umbrella once and for all, aided by the eerie supercomputer known as the Red Queen. Also on board for the franchise’s swan song are Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen, Shawn Roberts, Ruby Rose, Eoin Macken, William Levy, Fraser James and Ali Larter, who plays the iconic Claire Redfield.

The end is nigh, folks; Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is expected to bring the curtain down on Sony’s undead juggernaut on January 27, 2017. Indeed, it’s an exciting time for fans of the horror franchise, what with Capcom aligning back-to-basics sequel Resident Evil 7 for release on January 24.