Endgame Directors Close To Making New Movie With Robert Downey Jr.

RDJ Iron Man

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Joe Russo revealed that he’s looking to do another project with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr., and promises fans that it won’t be long until it happens.

Together with his brother Anthony, Joe directed monumental blockbusters like Captain America: The Winter SoldierInfinity War and last year’s Endgame, which saw Downey Jr. portray the snarky superhero for what appeared to be the last time.

Although the Russos may have bid farewell to the original Avengers cast within the MCU itself, that doesn’t mean they won’t be working with them in the future. Far from it, in fact, as the siblings have already collaborated with prominent Marvel actors on several projects. They recently released the action film Extraction led by Chris Hemsworth, and are currently working on a crime drama called Cherry, which stars Tom Holland in the lead.

Working with Marvel actors makes sense not only from a business perspective, but a practical one, too. Of course, names like Hemsworth and Holland draw in millions of viewers, but their previous experience with the Russos also makes the filmmaking process a lot easier.

As such, it seems like it’ll be only a matter of time before the siblings’ production company, AGBO Films, turns out a picture featuring Downey Jr. himself. We can only wonder what it may be, though.

When asked whether he discusses the good old Marvel days with his actors, Joe said he wants to, but notes there often simply isn’t time for daydreaming on set. “Maybe over a beer when we’re laughing about the time when said something happened,” he explained.

As for working with Downey Jr., he told the outlet the following:

“We’d love to do something with Robert Downey, we’re talking about a few things with him. There’s another project for talking to [Chris] Evans about, there’s two more projects we’re talking to Hemsworth about. There’s something else we’re talking to Holland about. We love our family, our Marvel family. We all spend a lot of time together, had a lot of laughs together. We enjoy working together and that’s a priority for my brother and I. We have to love the creative aspects of a project as much as we love the people we’re going to go work with on it so that everyone has great quality of life.”

Would you be interested in seeing the Russos produce a non-Marvel film starring Robert Downey Jr., though? Let us know in the comments section below.