How Enola Holmes’ Ending Sets Up A Sequel

Enola Holmes

As the movie continues to dominate Netflix’s most-watched list, reaching the top spot in 78 countries around the world in the process of becoming one of the streaming service’s biggest original hits ever, chances are high that you’ve already seen Enola Holmes by now. And if you’re eager for more, you’re in luck.

Director Harry Bradbeer has admitted that he’d love to make five sequels, and as optimistic as that sounds, there’s every chance he might end up getting his wish. Part origin story, part mystery caper, Enola Holmes does a solid job in laying the groundwork for a franchise without losing sight of the central story, and the script makes a smart decision by tying all of the major events directly to the title heroine to stop the plot from splitting off into tangents and becoming too unwieldy.

By the time the credits roll, we’ve got a pretty good idea of where the second installment could be heading, and how the returning cast of characters fit in. Enola has established herself as a sleuth capable of rivalling her famous older brother Sherlock, while mother Eudoria is back in the picture and teasing that her daughter’s mystery-solving days have only just begun.

There’s also Enola’s involvement with the Professional Women’s Club that have strong links with Eudoria, which could continue some of the plot threads left dangling at the end of the movie, or we could even see more of a focus on her dealings with Sherlock and Mycroft. Sherlock wants Enola as his ward to ramp up her training, while Mycroft no doubt disapproves of her investigative ways. Sibling rivalry is a universal thing, and it would provide a constant source of conflict throughout the proposed series.

There’s still five more books left to adapt, too, and based on the early success of Enola Holmes, Netflix will be keen to get the first sequel up and running as soon as possible.