Enola Holmes Director Wants To Make At Least 5 Sequels

Enola Holmes
Image via Netflix

Sherlock Holmes may be one of the most heavily adapted characters in the history of fiction, but based on the success of Netflix’s latest original movie, his kid sister looks set to headline more than a few films of her own. Enola Holmes has taken the streaming service by storm, blowing even the most optimistic projections out of the water by becoming the most popular pic in 78 countries across the world in less than 24 hours, and it could be a while yet before another title dislodges Millie Bobby Brown’s super sleuth from the top spot.

The mystery caper offers entertainment for audiences of all ages, and also drew in subscribers less than enthusiastic about the prospect of another Holmes outing thanks to Brown’s name recognition as the star of global phenomenon Stranger Things and, of course, internet favorite Henry Cavill as Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic literary detective.

We’ve previously heard that Netflix were confident enough about Enola Holmes‘ chances of success that a sequel was put into active development before the movie had even launched, and director Harry Bradbeer has also confirmed that talks are already underway. Now, the filmmaker has doubled down on his original statement and admitted that he’d love to see at least five more adventures.

“Well, I hope I’d have the energy for that, yeah. That would be amazing. Someone’s going to have the energy for it! It’d be wonderful to get five more movies out of this scene. I do think they’re extraordinary stories to tell, and what a period. As you go forward, things like that three-wheeled car, which was a lovely thing we discovered, to find our characters playing on some of the new contraptions, at some point in the early 20th century. Of course, we get airplanes and the Wright brothers. Who knows what other challenges are going to come out of this really restless, productive period.”

There are six books in the Enola Holmes novel series, so there’s no shortage of material there to inspire the planned follow-ups. Based on the early numbers, it would appear that Netflix subscribers would be more than happy to revisit the world several times over as well, and with the company actively on the hunt for in-house franchises, there aren’t many better candidates out there than a movie that’s shaping up to be one of their biggest original hits ever.