The Entire Back To The Future Trilogy Has Returned To Netflix

Back to the Future Part II

The two Bobs behind Back to the Future have admirably stuck to their guns by repeatedly shutting down the notion of any fourth movie, remake or reboot happening on their watch. Director Zemeckis and writer Gale have no interest in returning to the well, and they don’t want anybody else meddling in their mythology, either.

Zemeckis even said the rights would have to be pried from his cold, dead hands before the thought of reinventing the adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown could be considered, which is a refreshing rarity in the modern era where any property or brand with even the slightest hint of name recognition is refitted for modern audiences on a regular basis.

Gale, meanwhile, offered up a list of tie-in media he regards as official canon that fans can enjoy, but the good news for Netflix subscribers is that the entire Back to the Future trilogy is now back as part of the streaming service’s content library. And as a trio of the most eminently entertaining and rewatchable studio blockbusters ever made, the series stands a very good chance at troubling the Top 10 most-viewed list even if any self-respecting movie fan has seen them all ten times over.

Back to the Future captured lightning in a bottle, and any fresh spin on the story isn’t going to come close to matching the original, so it’s definitely one franchise that’s better off left well alone. The legacy of the trilogy is more than enough to ensure that viewers will be enjoying the time traveling escapades for decades to come, too, and over 35 years after the first installment was released, there are going to be a whole new crop of Netflix subscribers falling in love with the saga.