Eros And She-Hulk Could Have A Very Complicated Relationship In The MCU

Marvel’s Eternals introduces an exciting new character in its first post-credits scene. (Spoiler alert incoming! This is your last chance to avoid spoilers! You’ve been warned!) That character is Eros, AKA Starfox, as played by Harry Styles. The Dunkirk star’s arrival in the MCU has left fans reeling, as they can’t wait to see more of him in the franchise’s future. And while Styles looks to be bringing his usual charisma to the role, fans should probably be aware of his character’s sketchy comic book history.

Eros possesses the ability to stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain. He generally uses this to make people feel good, but if he wants to, he can also make someone infatuated with him. This is what a human woman once accused him of doing, which led She-Hulk to be hired to defend him against the sexual assault allegation in court. The pair had a history before this, too, as Eros and Jennifer Walters had previously had sex during their time as Avengers teammates.

However, during the trial, in which Eros used his powers to influence the jury, Jen started to wonder if he had also emotionally controlled her when they slept together. After he refuses to deny it, she gives him a savage beating, causing his father A’lars to teleport his son back to their home world, Titan. There, A’lars stages a cosmic trial, presided over by The Living Tribunal, to clear his son’s name. This time, She-Hulk serves as the prosecuting attorney.

Despite his brother Thanos testifying against him, it’s discovered that Eros did not coerce Jen into sleeping with him. However, it’s revealed that he did influence her into marrying her husband, John Jameson. She-Hulk is once again outraged and Eros begins to see the error of his ways. At the end of the trial, he asks Moondragon to disable his abilities so he can never use them again.

With Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk TV series landing next year, it’ll be interesting to see if Jen and Eros ever meet in the MCU⏤and also how Starfox’s problematic powers will be handled in general.