Eternals Crew Member Reveals One Of The Celestials Is 200 Miles Tall

eternals celestial

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has teased Celestials in the past, with Guardians of the Galaxy first tying them to the origins and creation of the Infinity Stones, but next month’s Eternals is set to take things to a whole new level.

Retconning the titular team’s beginnings somewhat, the 26th installment in the franchise positions the immortal aliens as creations of the godlike beings, not humans that were subjected to experiments as in the comic books. The cosmic side of the mythology is about to get exponentially bigger following their arrival, and in more ways than one.

During a set visit interview via ScreenRant, production designed Eve Stewart revealed that one of the Celestials seen in the movie is a “200 miles high kind of thing, he just walks around planets”, which is nothing short of mind-boggling in scale.

On paper, the introduction of Eternals, Deviants and Celestials could end up seeing the narrative tied in expositional knots, but we’ve got every faith in the MCU to make sure the running time doesn’t become bogged down in over-explanation, especially with an Academy Award-winning filmmaker at the helm in Chloé Zhao.

A 200-mile tall Celestial will comfortably be the largest character we’ve ever seen in the MCU, so it’s no wonder Eternals will position them as entities not to be trifled with.