‘Eternals’ deleted scene: Makkari brings up Thanos to Sprite

For those who couldn’t get enough of Marvel’s Eternals, there’s a deleted scene from the film that has surfaced online featuring Lia McHugh’s Sprite and Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari having a fairly deep conversation about things they’ve lost and whether humanity is worth saving.

The scene in question sees Sprite looking out on some ancient ruins when Makkari speeds into the frame from out of nowhere. Sprite then relays to Makkari how she is mourning the loss of the ancient city of Babylon.

“If we ever had any real home on this planet, that was it,” she says.

The pair then have a dialogue where Makkari provides a counter-point to Sprite’s woes, saying in sign language, “Nostalgia doesn’t suit you.”

However, when Sprite questions whether humanity is worth saving, given their self-destructive tendencies, Makkari points to a famous example in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that she argues highlights their redemptive qualities.

“They defeated Thanos and saved half the Universe. With little more than hope, perseverance, and their capacity to sacrifice themselves for those they love,” she says in sign language.

Check out the clip for yourself, which made the rounds on Twitter Monday.

It’s sort of jarring to hear the Eternals talk about Thanos since the story in the Chloe Zhao-directed film is on a scale unlike that we’ve ever seen in the MCU so far, making it easy to forget they actually take place in the same Universe (the Mad Titan is addressed elsewhere in the film, but it’s mostly as an aside).

In case you missed it in theaters, the House of Mouse is going full steam ahead on its hype train for Eternals, complete with a splashy promo video announcing its exclusive release to Disney Plus this Wednesday, Jan. 12.