Eternals Director Approves Of Fans Shipping Druig And Makkari

One of the major positives to come out of Eternals, despite the movie landing the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score in Marvel Cinematic Universe history, is that almost the entire cast of main characters have found themselves trending online at one stage or another since it hit theaters last weekend.

It’s always a gamble for a series that everybody knows to bring in a huge number of personnel that nobody’s really heard of, but Chloe Zhao’s impeccably-cast ensemble ensured that every single one of them has had their moment in the social media spotlight.

Barry Keoghan’s Druig and Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari comfortably rank among the most popular pairings in the eyes of the fanbase, and all of the various ships caught the eye of Zhao herself. Taking to social media, the two-time Academy Award winner thanked everyone for supporting her film and the people who starred in it, which you can see below.

Twitter has been dreaming up all sorts of sequel and spinoff ideas, and at least we know now that Zhao has her ear to the ground. The anxious wait is on to find out whether Marvel will give a second installment or Disney Plus shows the green light, but the chances for the Eternals brand to expand are looking pretty good right now.