Eternals Fans Are Ranking The Characters From Best To Even Better

With a core team comprised of ten characters that audiences have never met before, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals was always going to generate plenty of debate and no shortage of discussion as to who can be named the ensemble’s leading light.

Of course, with so many names to choose from we’re hardly short of options, and fans are struggling to settle on a unified opinion now that they’ve finally had the chance to see the movie for themselves. As you’d expect, the intergalactic epic has been the number one talking point on social media, and looking at how the fanbase is reacting, nobody seems to care much what the critics think.

As you can see below, Twitter users are already attempting to rank the Eternals in order of how much they love them both before and after they’d hunkered down in the theater to watch the film, but quite a few people are clearly struggling to definitively place anyone at the bottom of the pile.

Marvel will at least be buoyed by how Eternals has instantly won over the hearts and minds of franchise supporters, especially when plenty of doomsayers were predicting the worst after the critical consensus continued to slide downwards from the second the review embargo lifted.