MCU Fans Are Torn Over Richard Madden’s Performance In Eternals

While it looks like audiences are in love with Eternals — just look at those audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes — it seems that fans can’t agree on one thing: the chemistry on screen between Richard Madden and Gemma Chan.

Madden has said that the two have been friends for over 10 years and it’s obvious that they know each other well as seen in promotional materials for the film. However, not everyone online thinks it actually translated onto the big screen.

For those who haven’t already seen Eternals in theaters, watch out: there are some spoilers ahead!

While many weren’t remotely convinced by Madden and Chan’s performance, others absolutely got into their silver screen romance.

While Madden and Chan’s chemistry may be in question, we’ve seen many fans saying that his character Ikarus is the best-written character in the MCU. So even if he didn’t get the romance down pat, it’s impossible to deny that Madden brought his A-game to the film.

If you want to see if the sparks really do fly for yourself, you’ll have to go check out Eternals in theaters now.