Marvel Fans Think Eternals’ Ikaris Is One Of The MCU’s Best-Written Characters

Despite what early critic scores have suggested, Marvel’s Eternals is shaping up to be a solid and even well-liked addition to the franchise.

At the end of the day, money speaks louder than words (that’s the saying, right?) and right now, based on a cursory glance at early reactions as well as audience scores on aggregator sites like Rotten Tomatoes, director Chloe Zhao’s MCU debut is finally getting some love from the public.

While general sentiment among fans who have already seen the movie is in agreement over its inclusion of a weakly presented antagonistic force (the Deviants), nothing but praise has been heaped on the various superheroes who make up the titular Eternals. Particular praise has been directed toward Richard Madden, who plays the Superman-like Ikaris.

Some have even taken to labeling Madden’s character as one of the best-written MCU roles to date. See what everyone is saying down below.

An overwhelmingly positive reception, then, but will the warm welcome translate to financial success for Eternals? Only time will tell. In the meantime, be sure to let us know, in the usual place below, what you made of the movie’s all-star cast.