Richard Madden Said He “Hated” Working With Kit Harington Again On Eternals

It looks like there might be a little bit of “beef” between Ikaris and Black Night in Eternals! Okay, maybe nothing that serious, but more like a bit of fun.

In a recent video released by IMDB, Gemma Chan — AKA Sersi — asked Richard Madden what it was like working with Kit Harington again after their time together on Game of Thrones. “It was terrible. I hated it the first time and I hated it even more the second time.” Ouch!

Of course, Madden was pulling everyone’s leg for a bit of fun. He then went on to talk a bit more about what it was like working with Harington and talked a bit about their personal relationship outside of the world of film.

“No, it was great seeing Kit again and being on set with Kit again. And actually, I remember that night of me, you [Chan], and Kit being there. And we’re all friends off-camera, and we’ve actually gone drinking in Camden. And so I flew in and stood in the cold with you guys. It felt like another Friday night in Camden.”

It makes a lot of sense that Marvel Studios would bring together actors with this much chemistry for one of the largest hero groups to ever hit the MCU. We can only hope that the actors playing off of each other well will do wonders for Eternals when it releases on November 5, 2021.