Eternals’ Kingo And Druig Share The Love In Heartwarming Caption

Following the release of Marvel’s Eternals this past weekend, whose strong box office debut perhaps shows the film is resonating with fans more than the many critics who derided it, many of the film’s stars are showcasing their camaraderie on social media.

We could smell the bromance in the air when Druig actor Barry Keoghan shared a selfie of himself and Kingo actor Kumail Nanjaini, both donning sunglasses. Keoghan asked the comedian and actor, “What’s the caption?”

The always self-deprecating Nanjiani, who isn’t shy when it comes to dishing out compliments to others, gave his response: “I had to put on the shades because your star is too bright.”

Keoghan was emotional in his response, to say the least, writing “Im not crying you are” following by a couple of crying emojis and hashtags of both their characters.

While there was some uncertainty as to whether Eternals would resonate with audiences, as director Chloe Zhao has stated publicly how she tried to do something different with the story than past Marvel Cinematic Universe films have, it’s clear that many people have taken a great liking to the 10 new heroes the movie introduced.

The thematically spiritual movie boasts gorgeous cinematography, emotionally big characters with unique flaws and challenges, and jaw-dropping scenes that were filmed on-location, such as the climax taking place on a real volcanic island.

The story centers around the immortal Eternals, created by the god-like and planet-sized Celestials, who occupy Earth for some 7,000 years to ensure humankind is protected against the threat of the predatory aliens, the Deviants.

Eternals is out now, in a theater near you.