Eternals’ Kumail Nanjiani Drops More Kingo Movie Posters Online

If there is one Eternals actor that the internet has instantly fallen in love with, it has to be Kumail Nanjiani. His character Kingo is one of the immortal heroes sent to protect the Earth from evil aliens known as Deviants. However, having killed all of said Deviants on the planet years ago, Kingo decides to become a famous Bollywood star.

Of course, as he lives forever, he eventually goes on to be that first star’s “son” and then “grandson” as time goes by. This allows him to star in an incredible array of films over the years, some of which fans have even been requesting to be created for real.

So when the star dropped several more posters for other fake films today on Twitter, fans went wild over the potential concepts. You can see all the posters for yourself in the gallery below.

Nanjiani actually revealed a funny tidbit about how the posters got created recently. “I actually grew my beard out and slowly shaved it over the course of the day while doing these photo shoots,” he said about several other posters made for the film. The best part about this? The posters were all hand-painted, meaning he in no way had to have facial hair at all. Talk about a man dedicated to method acting!

Which one of Kingo’s fake films would you most want to see make the leap from Eternals onto something like Disney+? Tell us in the comments!