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‘Eternals’ makes MCU history with ‘Star Wars’ Easter Egg

As well as mentioning Batman and Superman, Eternals has also made MCU history via a sneaky Star Wars reference.

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Chloé Zhao’s Eternals was a bold and ambitious attempt to upend and subvert the standard superhero formula that’s served the Marvel Cinematic Universe so well for the last thirteen years, but it ended up going down in the history books as the franchise’s worst-reviewed movie.

While the cosmic epic did succumb to the MCU’s insatiable desire to have the third act of almost every single one of its movies descend into CGI f*ckery at the expense of plot and character development, fans instantly fell in love with the immortal aliens and their sprawling saga.

On top of making direct references to Batman and Superman, a Marvel Studios first in itself, a Star Wars Easter Egg spotted lurking in the background of the movie has also made Eternals the first MCU project to feature footage from George Lucas’ beloved series.

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker obviously referenced The Empire Strikes Back during Captain America: Civil War, so we know Star Wars existed in the comic book universe already, but it’s taken 26 feature films to actually catch even the briefest glimpse of any famous faces from a galaxy far, far away in-canon, although the footage in question can only be glimpsed for a second or so.

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