The Eternals’ Mystery Character Has Now Been Revealed


Last November, a cast list for Marvel’s The Eternals emerged online courtesy of That Hashtag Show, which teased an assortment of characters that would’ve been familiar to anyone well-versed in the comics, along with one that seemed curiously unfamiliar.

That character was listed under the name of “Karen,” though for all we know, that could just be a placeholder. It was said that the studio was looking for an actress in her 30s to play the part, and that the character will have the qualities of a leader. But while the details didn’t get much more specific than that, MCU Cosmic now claims to have heard a few specifics.

For one thing, it’s said that Karen is a human from Earth, and that she may be an archaeologist. The report speculates that the character could serve as an accessible entry point for this strange new part of the Marvel universe, in much the same way that Jane Foster did in the first Thor movie. Moreover, the article compares the new intel to the very first issue of Jack Kirby’s The Eternals, in which Margo Damian and her archaeologist father discover the titular species, suggesting that “Karen” could be the MCU’s Margo equivalent.

As it stands, these details have yet to be officially confirmed, but with Chloé Zhao’s film set to begin shooting in August, we hopefully won’t have too much longer to wait until we at least get a few casting announcements. In fact, if another report from last year has it right, then we could be seeing The Eternals in cinemas as soon as November 6th, 2020, though not before the Black Widowmovie comes out earlier in the year.