The Eternals Post-Credits Scene Will Reportedly Set Up The MCU’s X-Men

X-Men: Dark Phoenix MCU

The Eternals is set to be a key entry in the unfolding story of the MCU Phase 4. Coming next November, the ensemble movie will introduce the eponymous team of immortal heroes, as well as Kit Harington’s Black Knight into the franchise. What’s more, it might just sow the seeds for another superhero group that we can’t wait to see from Marvel Studios.

We Got This Covered has got hold of some information about Chloe Zhao’s film from our sources – the same ones who told us that a Young Avengers TV show was coming to Disney Plus, which has since been backed up by the usually reliable Full Circle Cinema – and what’s of most interest is that the post-credits scene of Eternals will supposedly set up the X-Men in the MCU. To be clear, we haven’t heard that, say, Wolverine and Cyclops will drop by, but it’ll be revealed that the Eternals created the X-Gene and this, along with the creation of mutants, is what’ll be teased in the post-credits.

We’ve previously reported that there’ll be some foreshadowing of the X-Men in Eternals and now we know it’ll specifically happen during the post-credits. And while this has yet to be confirmed by Marvel, it isn’t too much of a break from comics canon.

Traditionally, it’s the Celestials that created mutantkind. The god-like beings also created the Eternals. According to what we’ve heard, it sounds like the Eternals themselves are responsible for mutants in the MCU, so it’s  a slight change, but one that may be being done to make the race a more important part of the universe going forward.

Though the first teases at mutants in the MCU could happen as soon as next year, don’t expect the next X-Men solo movie for a while yet. There’s been rumblings about who could direct the film, with Spider-Man‘s Jon Watts said to be in with a shot of helming it, perhaps with The Avengers’ Joss Whedon acting as a consultant. But it’ll probably be a while before we hear anything concrete on that.

For now, you can look forward to The Eternals hitting theaters on November 6th, 2020.