Eternals’ Salma Hayek Wants An MCU Adventure With Pal Zoe Saldana

Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy
Image via Marvel Studios

Eternals is the Marvel movie coming just around the corner whose plot revolves around no less than 10 heroes spanning 7,000.

Similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, the film will take on a cosmic origin. In fact, fans are already debating the connection between the two properties, with being half-celestial, the god-like beings who created the Eternals in comics.

And if that weren’t enough, Guardians director James Gunn has even teased a possible crossover with Eternals, though it was in a tweet of which it was hard to decipher what level of truthfulness was behind the tongue-in-cheek remark.

Even though it is far from certain when and if such a crossover will take place, that isn’t stopping fans and even some actors within the Marvel Cinematic Universe from hoping it does happen.

According to ComicBook, Eternals’ Salma Hayek, who plays Ajak in the film, said she’d love to do a crossover with the Guardians in order to work alongside her pal, Zoe Saldana, who portrays Gamora in the MCU.

“They would have a lot to talk about, and also it would be very exciting because she’s a very good friend of mine,” Hayek said at a press event on the set of Eternals last January. “That’s why I’m telling you, it’s kind of like a shallow when I want to work with my friend. I think it would be really cool to have the two Latina superheroes going on some special mission, but nobody is talking about the fact that they’re Latinas. I’m just Ajak and she’s just green.”

Eternals comes to the theaters on November 5th.