Eternals Star Heaps Praise On Angelina Jolie’s Performance

angelina jolie eternals

Angelina Jolie recently revealed that she’d turned down a major superhero role in the past, but eventually decided to dip her toes into the water of cinema’s most popular genre when Chloé Zhao came calling with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s sprawling intergalactic epic Eternals.

As one of the biggest stars and best actresses of her generation, landing a talent of Jolie’s caliber was a huge coup for Kevin Feige’s outfit. She didn’t just help steer big budget projects including a pair of Tomb Raiders, Salt, Wanted, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and the Maleficent duology to box office success, but she’s also got an Academy Award and three Golden Globe wins under her belt. In short; few are more proven when it comes to balancing action and acting.

Any time we see new footage from Eternals, Jolie tends to trend as fans go wild over what looks to be a potentially scene-stealing turn as Thena. Kumail Nanjiani echoed that sentiment, lavishing praise on his co-star while celebrating the release of the one-month countdown teaser.

We’ve already heard rumors that Jolie will be sticking around the MCU for a while, but she’s been keeping her cards close to the chest for the time being. Eternals is virtually guaranteed to enjoy a lucrative run at the box office, and then the talk will almost immediately turn to sequels.