Eternals Star Richard Madden Says Filming Was “Physically F**king Draining”

In a world five years after Thanos snapped his fingers and erased half of the population, things aren’t exactly what our favorite MCU heroes thought they’d be.

While saving half of the population was noble, it led to “The Emergence,” thus creating a sense of terror and devastation. That’s the vague premise of the upcoming Marvel Studios’ film, Eternals, and we find out that the titular group is the heroes the world so desperately needs.

The movie will be an incredible large-scale film event, and the actors and actresses felt that in many ways. They’re the heroes who are stepping up after those many audiences grew up with for the last 10 years navigate their own lives and paths after the events of Avengers: Endgame. That in itself is a large undertaking for the Eternals. They’re also being asked hard questions like why they’ve been dormant for so long and why they should be trusted now.

Being an Eternal is a lot of work, and that work is emotional and physical. In an interview with Wonderland Magazine, Eternals star Richard Madden spoke of what was needed to make the ambitious MCU movie. In an honest interview with Wonderland Magazine, Madden said it was an exhausting experience, but a good one.

There was a lot of time on wires because my character flies, which was just physically f**king draining.

Madden went on to say that the Eternals are complicated, but that they’re not all doom and gloom.

They’re all very complicated people in Eternals, but hopefully, that can also help us bring a lightness to some heavy subject matter in terms of the story because I think when you live that long you’ve got to have a bit of a smile to yourself. You’ve got to laugh at life.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals releases this November.