Eternals Star Says The Team Is More Powerful Than The Avengers

the avengers

Despite what the name would suggest, the climactic showdown of Avengers: Endgame made it perfectly clear that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes aren’t above accepting a little help from their cosmic cohorts when it comes to saving the universe from a dangerous and deadly threat.

Nick Fury’s all-star team have been plucked from every corner of the globe and beyond, but a lot of the key members are just regular people with either advanced technology or a very unique set of skills. Tony Stark, Rhodey, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton wouldn’t stand a chance against a Thanos-level enemy without their preferred weapons of choice, so it’s no surprise that Eternals star Lia McHugh admitted in an interview with DISH Nation that the incoming squad would win in a fight.

“I mean, I gotta stick with my team, of course. Of course the Eternals, right? We have cosmic, unlimited energy superpowers from gods. I think that we may be more powerful than the Avengers. I’d like to see that showdown.”

On paper, an immortal race of intergalactic beings with their own unique abilities that can combine their collective might to form the nigh-on unstoppable Uni-Mind would make short work of the Avengers, but plenty of villains have underestimated them before.

We’re a lot more likely to see them team up than face off in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though, which is just as well when Kang the Conqueror is on his way to destroy the very fabric of the multiverse as we know it.