‘Eternals’ star teases potential sequel and MCU cameos

Eternals established a whole new corner of the MCU’s ever-growing lore, namely the titular immortal beings who have been hanging around Earth for centuries. There’s a huge capacity for the Eternals to return in the franchise, then, either in a project set on the planet’s past or by having them turn up again in the present. Given the varying fates of the characters by the film’s end, however, that’s not exactly possible for some of them.

Sprite, the youngest-looking Eternal, has the potential to return, as she remains on Earth come the conclusion of the film having given up her powers in order to be able to age like a human. She might not be immortal anymore, but Sprite could always show up to aid her fellow Eternals, or even other heroes, in the future. Star Lia McHugh definitely hopes this is the case, anyway. Here’s what she told ScreenRant about her possible Marvel comeback:

“I’m thinking I’ll be in Eternals 2, I hope. I hope so. But, I don’t know. It’d be fun to make some cameos before that, if I could, depending on what it would be. I don’t know. I mean, any chance to be in a Marvel movie would be great.” 

The problem with immortal characters, particularly immortal kids and teens, is that it can be difficult for actors to play them long-term because they’ll be visibly aging. But the makers of Eternals were smart enough to solve this issue before it came up by having Sprite become human in the first film. Now McHugh is free to reprise her role at any point without causing any continuity mishaps.

It’s unclear where her story goes next, though, as due to her newfound humanity, Sprite wasn’t one of the Eternals snatched up by Arishem in the movie’s final moments as punishment for their interference with the Emergence. She would presumably team up with Thena, Druig, Makkari, and their new ally Eros for the “intergalactic rescue mission” that would unfold in the sequel ⏤ assuming a sequel is happening.

For now, Marvel’s Eternals is streaming on Disney Plus.

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