Eternals Villain Isn’t Voiced By Who You Think It Is

eternals deviants

Back when Eternals shooting during the halcyon days of late 2019 and early 2020, before the entire world went to sh*t, Legion and The Guest star Dan Stevens was spotted out and about with the cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster, leading to much speculation that he’d play a part in the movie.

That speculation only intensified when the barrage of trailers and TV spots began arriving, with many folks under the impression that Stevens was voicing Kro, big bad and leader of the nefarious Deviants. In fact, the actor even leaned into it when asked if he had a cameo in Eternals, to which he replied by saying “Kro comment”.

As it turns out, he was trolling everyone, because he doesn’t voice the villain at all. Instead, Bill Skarsgard lends his talents to the character, with everyone so focused on Stevens that nobody even noticed the voice in all of the footage we’ve seen and heard so far doesn’t even belong to him, but another well-known and recognizable star.

Based on his skills with misdirection and the fact nobody’s ever going to believe him if he ever says he’s got a role in the MCU, maybe Feige should extend Stevens an invitation to play somebody else, because it’d fly completely under the radar now that his masterful troll job on Eternals has been exposed.